Thursday, October 18, 2012



Today would be a first for me. I was down to read a poem at the Mitchell Library, two in fact and they would be my own.
Anne my creative writing teacher had asked me and Helen to read at the Aye Write day. The theme was I belong to Glasgow.
It was to start at 2pm; I got there about an hour earlier. The girl at the desk asked “Are you reading today “and with some pride, I answered YES. Anne came out and asked if I would mind sitting outside for a while, as they will still working in the room.
I had brought a can of juice with me and I began to drink it, looking forward to the event. As I sat, I could see, it was going to be busy. A queue had formed at the desk and everyone looked so expectant. Most of them were holding books of all sizes thick, long and short all begging to be read.
Then suddenly as if someone had rang a bell, the queue began to move, disappearing in to the room. I finished my juice and followed them. At the front of the room was a chair “for reader’s to sit on “, I thought. But no it was not. The reader’s, or most of them, stood and read stories and poems about childhood, marriage and work. With some happy memories of holiday’s in the past, all different, but all in the theme of Glasgow, came out loud and clear, we even had a song.
I was told that the event would be on until 4pm, not 3pm, as I thought. So I asked Jane if I could borrow her phone, to ask my Husband, to pick me up at 4.30pm, as there was tea and cake afterwards, I did not want to miss that ` YUM YUM ‘. Then the time came for me and Helen to read, we decided to go up together. Helen kindly let me read first, people listened and I even got an applause and so did Helen. It was a very entertaining and informative day; this did wonders for my self confidence.
Long live Creative writing,

By Sandra Jane Mack

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