Tuesday, November 13, 2012




Standing in the garden on that fateful night

The son said to the father “Teach me what is right?,   teach me if you can,

For as tomorrow dawns, I will face the thorns and give

Up the fight , to the cross I will go, all this to show,

The Father’s love for man. “


By Sandra J Mack



Look at me what do you see?, do you see a servant Honest and true? or do you see the real me?, lonely scared and weak. Trying to be good and finding it hard, do you see the love I have for you?

 And my desire to come totally to your will, but knowing that at times my selfishness and love of sin puts a barrier up between us, that my love of self and need for attention overwhelms me and lord it scares me to think, I am hurting you, I pray Lord that you will forgive me and give me the strength to truly repent of this, I ask this in the knowledge that you love me in whatever state I am in, You love me so much that  you sent your only son, Jesus Christ to die  for me on a cross at Calvary, but also in the knowledge that I will let you down in my own strength and ask you to cover me with your strength and with the blood of Jesus thank you sweet lord AMEN.


By Sandra J Mack




Did you hear the whisper of the lord’s last breath?

Who heard the sound of that holy death?

Could it be the two thieves hanging by his side?

Could it be the soldier, did he hear the message in the agonising cry?

Did he ask the father “why did he have to die”?

Do you know the answer the reason do you see?

For when the lord was crucified he died for you and me.


By Sandra J Mack




The graveyard was friendly a welcoming place

A home for the souls, who had finished the race,

The green grass was warm in a tunnel of trees

With leaves like a blanket as they moved in the breeze,

Stones great and little stood all around

With crosses and angels adorning the ground,

As I started to pray to the father above

I knew a feeling of gladness a feeling of love,

I thanked the lord for the gift he had given

As I stood in the graveyard this remnant of heaven


By Sandra J Mack




The Christmas tree stood smothered with lights to show its glory

The Christmas tree stood ready to tell to us its story

It tells of mothers love for child it tells of a birth so meek and mild

It tells of a death upon a tree it tells of a pardon for you and me


By Sandra J Mack




It’s Christmas time, oot comes the tree, oot comes the wise men 1,2,3


There’s Mary there’s Joseph in stable bare, but whaur’s baby Jesus he’s no their!


I looked fir him high,  A looked fir him low, he’s no tae be seen whau did he go?


It made me feel sad, it jist wisnae richt, nae babe in the manger, oan that haly nicht


The figures wis glass,  whit if they wir real,  A had lost baby Jesus well how wid you feel?,  I gret to the laird, Laird wid ye help me!, he answered me “ Lassie ye say’s it yersel, look back tae the manger ye neer can tell “.  I did as he telt me and Imagine ma glee, there lay baby Jesus smilin it me!


By Sandra Jane Mack

Sunday, November 11, 2012



Remember the days when they called you hen and mum and dad where there

Giving you the cuddles taking on your care, now the days of childhood are distant in the mist and childhood days and childhood ways are things we must resist, now that you are mum or dad these duties come to you and it’s hard to do the right thing and to yourself be true, the lord says” child please don’t be sad please put your trust in me

And I will set you free, from anger and from strafing from worry and from fear ,don’t feel alone there on your own for I am always here, I am asking you my saviour I am asking as we speak to me please send  my heavenly friend the  grace and strength  I need

For father I beseech you pray down on my knee, that you would give me wisdom in living every day my pride to hide mounts to climb and godly words to say.


By Sandra J Mack