Tuesday, November 13, 2012



Look at me what do you see?, do you see a servant Honest and true? or do you see the real me?, lonely scared and weak. Trying to be good and finding it hard, do you see the love I have for you?

 And my desire to come totally to your will, but knowing that at times my selfishness and love of sin puts a barrier up between us, that my love of self and need for attention overwhelms me and lord it scares me to think, I am hurting you, I pray Lord that you will forgive me and give me the strength to truly repent of this, I ask this in the knowledge that you love me in whatever state I am in, You love me so much that  you sent your only son, Jesus Christ to die  for me on a cross at Calvary, but also in the knowledge that I will let you down in my own strength and ask you to cover me with your strength and with the blood of Jesus thank you sweet lord AMEN.


By Sandra J Mack

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  1. Oh, if only we could all be so honest about ourselves.